Thursday, July 29

Sen. Gary Nodler Answers The Call

I have been in the process of contacting the candidates for the 7th Congressional District to get just a few of their thoughts as Tuesday, August 3rd draws near. The questions asked to each of the candidates has not been groundbreaking, but they give you a chance to see how each of them stack up aginst each other when not standing side by side at a debate or forum.

The first candidate gracious enough to answer was Sen. Gary Nodler. Below are a few of his responses.

SMO: Why did you jump into this race?

Sen. Nodler: I did not jump in. When I indicated to several people that I would not be a candidate I was approached by many citizens asking me to run. While this effort was being made, the size and cost of President Obama's agenda continued to grow and became a greater threat to my family and future generations. I chose to run to try to reverse this disastrous course because I believed I could impact the process faster than any of the other candidates.

SMO: In a crowded field of Republican candidates, what exactly sets you apart from the rest of the candidates?

Sen. Nodler: Experience; private sector experience as the owner and operator of a cable television company and as a corporate consultant and bank director and as a chamber of commerce executive.
I also have more public sector experience, 20 years as a congressional staff member, 4 years as regional administrator of the SBA in the mid-west. I have White house experience as well with 2 years in a cabinet level position with the economic policy council. I have also been in the state senate for 8 years, 5 years in leadership serving as both assistant-majority floor leader and chairman of the appropriations committee. I also served 3 years as chairman of the senate education committee. I am job ready from day one.

SMO: What are the three most important issues you want to tackle in DC if elected to this office?
Sen. Nodler: Reducing debt, helping small business with access to credit to create jobs and securing our border.

SMO: Why should an undecided voter cast their ballot for you on Tuesday?

Sen. Nodler: Because America risks losing her freedom in a battle that is taking place right now. We don't have time for on the job training and no other candidate is prepared to start working on day one.

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