Thursday, July 29

Steelman + Long = Political Victory?

Billy Long is bringing out the big guns today as the race for the 7th Congressional District Republican nomination winds closer toward the finish line. Sarah Steelman will have Long on her talk radio program this morning from 10-11 a.m. on KWTO. They will then host events in Springfield, Ozark, and Nixa. The Springfield stop will take place at Ziggie's Cafe.

Could Steelman help Long seal the deal or will voters be disappointed in Steelman's choice? I do think that she will have a positive impact on his campaign. Just how much is the real question here though. It is quite risky for Sarah to come out so strongly for a candidate that isn't guaranteed a victory. Sources seem to indicate that she is ready to enter back into the political arena again, possibly with another run for governor. But one has to wonder, how many failed high profiles attempts at running for office (or helping another do so) can you have before you start losing credibility? She is sticking her neck out right now for Billy Long and for her political sake, she better make sure he wins. Otherwise, she will begin to look irrelevant. Meanwhile, look for lots of local media coverage on their campaigning together tonight in the Springfield market.


Anonymous said...

Listening to KWTO right now. The hosts of the show are blaming Jack Goodman yet they have no proof.

News2K said...


I am listening as well. The callers are really angrily rebuking Billy Long's negative ad.

News2K said...

Toward the last few minutes of the program, we began to hear from several Billy Long supporters. So the entire call-in crew were not angry, but the first several sure were.