Sunday, July 25

Blunt Versus Carnahan

If the latest poll is any indication of what may happen in November then Robin Carnahan is likely in big trouble. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch/KMOV-TV poll found 7th District Republican Congressman Roy Blunt leading Democratic Secretary of State Robin Carnahan, 48% to 42%. The only saving grace is that 10% of the electorate is still undecided. Conventional wisdom would say that the majority of the undecideds would fall to the challenger, but because both are seeking to fill the seat being vacated by the retiring Kit Bond it is impossible to predict where those votes go. It could come down to a series of debates planned for this fall.

Other key notes of interest include the fact that Obama's job approval rating in Missouri has fallen to only 34%.

Complete details on the poll can be found here.

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Kathee Baird said...

Is it just me, or is Roy looking more and more like the Joker?