Monday, May 4

The New KOLR 10 News: Really?

I gave it a week. I spent some time watching KOLR 10's newscasts regularly again last week after the euphoric build up to "the new KOLR 10." Wow, am I sorely disappointed! Technically there is nothing stylistically wrong with the new set. I do like the new logo. Yet, to say it is "the new KOLR 10" means absolutely nothing.

I don't have access to the ratings so anything I say here is purely based on my perception (hence the blog title, Show-Me Opinions). KY3 is the obvious market leader. They have been for years. They also have the most resources at their disposal and seem to cover the most news. When KSPR revamped and became "the new KSPR", it really was new. First, it was almost a completely new team. Secondly, the newscast times were somewhat different. Thirdly, they really played up their weather accessibility (first chat, blog, etc). Finally, KSPR found a niche with talkback segments and a little more bantering/discussion format with the main anchors. KSPR's move was risky... but it worked. They have gained quite a few viewers and seem to be accomplishing a lot.

KOLR needs to find their place and style if they want to lose that stagnant quality that seems to be in the air every time I watch. It's not because they don't have talented people. I think Joy, David, Dan, Ted, and the rest of the crew are very talented. Yet, there is a spark missing that makes everything click. You can build the most amazing set ever but it won't mask the basic fundamental news product. KOLR needs to do some market research, find out what the people want, and take a few risks. Otherwise they may find themselves an afterthought in the Springfield market.


Aaron said...

Could it be? KOLR becomes the old KSPR? I wondered if it would ever be possible for KSPR to move into the No. 2 spot.

I can't completely see that happening honestly since KOLR has been around for so long. But I've always been a big believer in KSPR for some reason. I'm looking forward to the new studio over at 999 W. Sunshine. I hope it's a bright, tech-savvy set and meets today's news coverage. I'm sure since they're building a new building they'll put some money on the set.

I agree, though. KOLR needs to make a real change — not just do a set update every once in a while and come up with a new campaign every few years. I honestly think they, along with all stations and their managers, would benefit a lot from actually watching news stations from other markets. I love to watch local news in other markets when I'm traveling. It's always easy to see who's number one in the market.

And it's easy to do anymore. A lot of stations do live streaming of their newscasts. Fox 2 in St. Louis is a personal favorite:

Kathee Baird said...

I agree with you. The new graphics on KOLR are nice....but as you say there isn't a "spark."

I like David and Joy--but in my opinion it's like their bored.

I believe KSPR took the number 2 spot in ratings last book.

Anonymous said...

KOLR was number 2 in March ratings, not KSPR.