Monday, May 18

Bottom Line Communications Must Be Bored

I call these the dog days of spring. I am busy doing things like planting flower beds rather than blogging. The Missouri blogosphere has been much quieter since the weather has faired up and the elections of November have faded away into memory (with the exception of Tony's KC, but need I say more?).

In fact, they have gotten so bored at Bottom Line Communications that they have resorted to catching spelling errors on local Kansas City news sites. Okay, so someone should have caught the misspelling of "sunny", but everyone makes a mistake. If I had a dime for every time I saw Arkansas abbreviated as AK, I would be paid by at least KSPR, KYTV, and The Weather Channel. In the rush to print things, sometimes mistakes happen. I guess they only get noticed during the dog days of spring in the blogosphere.

"Now" if you. will excuze! me, I knead two git; bak too migh: yard?work. :-)

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