Friday, May 15

Is The News-Leader Searching For the 25-54 Demo?

I must say that I really do like the fact that the Springfield News-Leader has become a great source for online news throughout the day. Yet, there is something about the site that has been bugging me for a while and I didn't know if I was being hypercritical. I have started a few posts about this subject before and have always stopped. Not this time though...

Why in the world does the News-Leader feature the Metro Mix information on their homepage and why in the world is it always one of the three top stories every time it appears? Am I the only one who doesn't get why this is always featured so prominently when it isn't even newsworthy?

My hunch is that the paper is trying to attract younger people to the website. While I may not be an average 25 year old, I don't think I am alone when I say I don't check the News-Leader for an update on Springfield nightlife. If the paper wants to draw that age group in there are plenty of stories out there that appeal to us.

Leave the fighting for the 25-54 demographic to the television networks... please!


Rachel said...

I may not be the typical 22 year old, but I actually do get on the News-Leader's site to check out events around town, including events during the night scene.

I do appreciate Metro Mix being prominently featured so I don't have to search all over the site trying to find it.

News2K said...

Interesting... guess it isn't what I consider newsworthy, but if it makes money then the News-Leader is probably going to do it.

Thanks for your comments!