Sunday, March 16

What A Weekend For Basketball Fans

Basketball fans across the country were glued to their television sets Sunday as the tournament ended and Selection Sunday began.
UNC had their hands full with Clemson for the championship game, and while UNC went on to win the game, the last minute found Hansbrough making two really silly fouls . Something you just don't see from this guy.
Next KU met up with Texas and what a game that was! A. J. Abrams and D.J. Augustin can put the hurt on a team in a hurry. I don't think the South is prepared for the likes of Texas. Both teams played hard with KU finally pulling off the win for the championship. Chalmers and Rush were deadly from the three point line. Awesome game.

The selection committee has spoken and the teams have been chosen. The games will start on Thursday so get your brackets filled out...
You can sign up on MSN and fill out a free bracket and a chance to win some prizes. Just have it filled out before tip-off on Thursday. I've included the link below. Go check it out!

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