Sunday, March 2

Another Winter Storm in the Works

Sorry for the delay! Right after I had set up the blog I came down with something. Good to go now though.

Just in time for another big winter storm. The weather this year has been far from normal. One minute your getting out the ice melt and the next minute your under a tornado warning. For those like myself who are fascinated with weather it has certainly not been boring. Will see how this one plays out. We are suppose to get heavy rain tonight and then changing over to sleet and finally snow Monday afternoon and night. While the national weather service has estimated we could get around 7 inches here in Southwest Missouri, one of the models that I looked at had us in the 19 inch range. KY3 mentions that on their web-site as their models indicate a record snow. They are predicting between 6-12 inches along the I-44 corridor.

If you are in the path of this storm let me know when it arrives and whats going on in your area and if you get a picture of hopefully the last winter storm of the year, send that too.

Safe travel to all!!!

update: The morning light brings only a trace of snow here.


Newsy said...

Will the pavement get snow covered?

Hey, great post. I will post about the weather here when it comes this way. Hold on to your hats until then.

Newsy said...

Snow has started here. Hope you enjoy the snow!